Latin American & Caribbean Studies Minor

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Minor


Latin American and Caribbean Studies is an interdisciplinary minor specializing in the histories, cultures, and social structures of these regions. The following is a brief description of the Program.

Additional information about the Latin American & Caribbean Studies program

The minor consists of 15 credits.

  1. Up to six credits may be counted from intermediate (200-level) or above-level courses in one or more of the languages of the region.
  2. The following courses are currently taught at Eastern (see below).
  3. Other Latin America-related courses from Eastern or other universities with the consent of the coordinator.
  4. Independent studies courses that focus on a Latin America-related issue.
The following courses can be taken to meet the requirements of the minor
LAS-224ART-224Mexico: Art & Architecture3
LAS-225ANT-225Contemporary Puerto Rican Culture and Society3
LAS-240ANT-240Latinos in the United States3
LAS-255HIS-255Introduction to Latin American History 3
LAS-318SPA-318Latin American Civilization3
LAS-319SPA-319Hispanic Culture through Film3
LAS-320SPA-320Spanish Literature I3
LAS-321SPA-321Spanish Literature II3
LAS-323SPA-323Readings in Latin American Literature3
LAS-328PSC-328Latin American Politics3
LAS-342HIS-342Modern Latin America3
LAS-345HIS-345History of Mexico 3
LAS-346HIS-346Central America 3
LAS-347HIS-347History of Brazil3