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The study of modern languages cultivates unique intellectual skills and exposes students to peoples and aspects of cultures that enhance appreciation of the world of which we are a part. Today, the globalization of the economy and the diversification of our societies have made the knowledge of foreign languages indispensable. Our courses advance learning of high-level synthetic and analytical thinking, enhance the ability to communicate, and promote an understanding of other cultures from within those cultures. Foreign languages are a springboard from which students can enrich their current studies, research, and future careers.

Department Office
Department Chair:
Kin Chan
Webb Hall, Rm. 226
(860) 465-5328
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University Assistant:
Eva Csejtey
MW & Th: 9-4
Webb, Rm. 223
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Current Events

Come and see what our students are researching and creating! Come to CREATE, a student conference taking place on April 13, 2018. Click here to see the program.

  • Students from Prof. Boskovic’s class will be presenting. The students are Lindsey Hopkins and Jannet Bannister. For a preview, click on this video.
  • Prof. Nájera’s students will be presenting their work in a panel called “The Picture Books of The Young Authors and Illustrators.”

Abstract of “The Picture Books of Young Authors and Illustrators”
In this panel, a team of young authors will first read from books that they wrote for children in the Willimantic community. In Am I Normal?, the authors approach the topic of disability through the story of a three-legged goat. In Ricky Rhinoceros Chooses His Friends, the authors model strategies for dealing with bullying through the story of a rhinoceros who learns how to resolve his problems through the wise counsel of a turtle. In I Love You to the Moon and Back, the authors show a boy’s realization of what his mother’s love might mean. The authors will speak about their choice of subject and what they envision may be the impact of their books on children. The book illustrators, graphic designers, and project managers will be available to speak about the book production process.

Student authors: James Rowley, Dalma Lorenzo-Patricio, Molly O’Connor, Erin Collins, Jocelyn Santiago, Adam Greczkowski, Kasara Newton, and Zaira Hernandez

Illustrators and Project Managers: Kelsey Kirkendall, Jevaughn Lindo, and Veronica Ramirez, Tyra Harris,
Faculty Mentors: Luna Nájera & Lora Lee


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