Copyright Policy

Media Services Copyright Policy

It is the policy of the staff at Eastern Connecticut State University’s Media Services department to apply the Copyright Law of the United States and the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia to all activities of the department.
This information is provided for general reference and does not constitute legal advice. Copyright law consists of many broad statements, some tested in court, others not tested. Interpretation of the law is by no means an exact science. Media Services provides this information simply as guidelines for the use of copyrighted media on campus. If in doubt, seek a qualified legal opinion from an attorney knowledgeable of copyright law.
A good general rule of thumb: If the author, producer, or distributor of a copyrighted media work would be deprived of income (no matter how small) from the sale or rental of their intellectual property by your actions, it would be in your best interest not to copy, broadcast, or publicly display the work in question. Think about how you would react to another individual or organization who used, without compensation to you, an intellectual property that you spent a lot of time and money developing.
Media Services cannot convert or duplicate copyrighted videotapes, audiotapes, CDs, or other multimedia items that are readily available on the commercial market unless the requestor can provide written consent from the publisher that duplication and/or conversion is permitted.