Multimedia Classrooms

Multimedia Classrooms/Projection Systems

All of Eastern’s general purpose classrooms, instructional labs, and large meeting facilities are equipped with fixed multimedia projection equipment. Each podium is equipped with a Windows-based computer, DVD-VHS player, source equipment switcher, amplified audio system and a VGA/Audio cable for connecting external equipment to the system. Most podiums also have an HDMI (male) cable for connecting portable devices such as newer laptop computers, iPads and smart phones. Users must provide their own adapter for connecting to the HDMI cable. Please see the reference link below for more information on cable types and connectors.All classrooms and labs also contain a document camera.This link provides more details on the rooms:

To schedule a demo or training on the equipment in classrooms, please contact Nick Messina @ 5-0209 or by email

To report a problem with any of the technology in Eastern’s classrooms, please call the Help Desk at x54346.

For rooms without fixed projection systems, such as small conference rooms and special use facilities, Media Services maintains a small inventory of cart based projection units. Please contact Media Serivces for additional information on these systems.

Classroom Information

Console Operation Instructions

Multimedia Cart Based Description

General AV Cable and Connector Guide

General Guide # 2

Apple Specific Cable and Connector Guide