Welcome to Eastern on iTunes U

iTunes U is a free service hosted by Apple that provides access to audio and video titles from educational institutions around the world through the iTunes store – Apple’s online music, video, and podcast service. This content can be downloaded and/or played on a computer as well as many mobile communication devices.

Eastern iTunes U allows you to download, play, and subscribe to a variety of free and publicly available audio and video titles produced by Eastern Connecticut State University faculty, staff, and students.

screenshot of Eastern's iTunes U

Accessing iTunes
Download iTunes software available free of charge for PC and Mac. Follow the on screen set up prompts after you launch the program.

Launch iTunes U
Launch iTunes and click iTunes Store on the left hand side of the iTunes window. In the iTunes U Store Menu, click iTunes U at the top of the screen.Under iTunes U Quick Links, select Universities and Colleges

Locate Eastern Connecticut State University
Direct Link to Eastern iTunes U

Additional Resources
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