Equipment Inventory & Rental

Equipment Inventory & Rental

Audio visual equipment is available at no charge to support Eastern classes and University sponsored events. Please see below for a complete list of the equipment in our inventory. The Media Services Equipment Window is open Monday – Thursday 8am until 9:30pm and Friday from 8am until 4:30pm. Our office is located in Communication 125.

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Data Projector
Portable data projectors are available to Eastern faculty and staff by reservation for the display of Power Point presentations and video sources.

Projection Screen
Our lightweight and user friendly Da-Lite Projection screens come in 3 different sizes:
60″ Diagonal, 80″ Diagonal, and 100″ Diagonal for larger rooms.

Document Camera
A document camera is used to present hard copy documents, graphics, and small objects to a large audience. All multimedia classrooms are equipped with document cameras. A data projector is required to view the images from a document camera. Media Services does not provide document cameras out for loan.

Digital Still Camera
These point and shoot digital still cameras store digital images on a memory card. The images can be quickly transferred to a computer or portable device via the USB cable included in the bag.

Digital Video Camcorder
These video cameras record directly to an SD memory card. Memory cards are available for purchase at the University Bookstore. Users may choose to edit their projects using software such as Adobe Premiere, available on all University computers, or personal video editing software at home.

Our lightweight and durable tripods are available for rental for our digital still cameras and our digital video cameras.

Digital Audio Recorder
These Olympus digital audio recorders record up to 35 hours of audio in WMA format. Users have the option of recording audio using the internal microphone, or connecting an external microphone to the unit. The digital audio recorder comes with a USB cable to quickly transfer and playback audio files on a computer. Editing audio files can be done using Adobe Audition, which is available on University computers. Free audio editing software such as Audacity is available for home use.

Audio Cassette Recorder
Each cassette recorder is equipped with a built-in microphone and a speaker, and can be used to record and playback standard 60 and 90 minute audio cassettes. Power is provided provided by a cord that plugs into the wall or batteries that are furnished by the user. Blank audio cassettes are available for purchase at the University Bookstore.

Microphone & PA System
PA Systems are used for audio amplification for indoor and outdoor events on campus. Please see the list of Auditoriums on campus that are equipped with amplification systems.

CD / Cassette Player (Boom Box)
Boom boxes are used for the presentation of audio CD’s, audio cassettes, or AM/FM radio broadcasts.

Microphone Stands
We have floor microphone stands, table microphone stands, and boom microphone stands for musical performances.

Microphones can be used in conjunction with an amplification system in large lecture halls.