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Kenneth McNeil
Professor of English
English Department, Webb 234
(860) 465-4578
Mail box: English Department, Webb Hall 225

Fall 2017 Office Hours:
Monday 10:45-12:45; Tuesday, Thursday 12:15-1:45
    and by Appointment

Current Courses 
Fall 2017

ENG 100-05 College Writing
ENG 203-03 Introduction to Writing Literary Criticism
ENG 215-01 English Literature from 1798

Previous Courses
Fall 2016

ENG 100P College Writing
ENG 203 Introduction to Writing Literary Criticism

ENG 399 The Lord of the Rings

Select Student Response Papers

Heather Walther, Through the Looking Glass: A Close Look into TweedleDee and TweedleDum

Katie Gowisnock “Why Kim Kardashian Can’t Write Good” Response