Mathematics Major

Mathematics Major:

New 2018 Course Catalog Mathematics Major

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Mathematical Structures and Applications
Mathematics For Teaching

Bachelor or Science (BS)
Actuarial Science
Data Science
Mathematical Structures Applications

BA Degree Requirements

The Mathematics major is designed to develop concepts and techniques for liberal arts students interested in the general field of mathematics. Courses are designed for those who wish to pursue careers such as actuarial work, high school mathematics teaching, sales support consulting, program management, financial analysis, or technical careers in industry or government and for those who want to pursue further study in graduate school.

Learning Goals and Outcomes for Mathematics Majors

Students plan an individualized program that will best suit their needs and goals in consultation with a faculty advisor from the Mathematics Department. Majors should consult with the department chairperson to choose an advisor in the third semester. Students must have course approved by their advisor each semester.

Required Courses
MAT230Discrete Structures3
MAT243Calculus I with Technology4
MAT244Calculus II with Technology4
MAT310Applied Linear Algebra3
MAT315Applied Probability and Statistics4
MAT340Calculus III4
MAT400Abstract Algebra3
MAT420Real Analysis I3
MAT421Real Analysis II4
CSC210Computer Programming I3
MAT3**Math Elective (but not MAT 303, or internship)3
MAT3**Math Elective (but not MAT 303, or internship)3
Total Credits44