Math 135 – Math for Liberal Arts

MAT 135 – Math for Liberal Arts Resources

MAT 135 Course Description

Mathematics will be applied to solving practical problems in a variety of disciplines. Mathematical topics include voting theory and financial mathematics.Additional topics may include management science, statistics and population growth models.This course is for non-STEM disciplines only and thus cannot be used to satisfy the Precalculus Mathematics Plus (MAT 155P) or Precalculus Mathematics (MAT 155) prerequisite for Calculus I with Technology (MAT 243).

Course Pre-requisite: Placement at this level

Credits: 3 (all of which count towards graduation)

Links to Videos

  1. Liberal Arts Topics provides videos and notes on some of the application topics covered in our math course.
  2. Statistics Videos

Graphing Calculator Information

This area provides you with assistance with using your graphing calculator.

  1. TI-83/84 Tutorial
  2. TI-84 Plus Tutorial
  3. Online Graphing Calculator

Math in the Real World

Math is used throughout the world in both STEM and non-STEM disciplines. The following are links to formulas used in various disciplines.

  1. Accounting Formulas 1
  2. Accounting Formulas 2
  3. Biology
  4. Business
  5. Chemistry
  6. Communications
  7. Economics Formulas 1
  8. Economics Formulas 2
  9. Mathematics in Sports
  10. Nursing 1
  11. Nursing 2
  12. Physical Science Tables Formulas and Equations
  13. Physics Formulas
  14. The Social Security Benefit Formula
  15. We Use Math

Free Software

  1. GeoGebra is an interactive algebra, geometry and calculus application.
  2. Maxima is a computer algebra system.
  3. WolframAlpha is an online service that answers factual inquiries directly by computing the answer.