Two Ears and One Mouth

Two Ears and One Mouth
Raouf Mama

Included on the CD are a collection of wonderful poems and stories for all to enjoy as told by Raouf Mama.

Raouf Mama, is an international, award-winning storyteller out of the African oral tradition, the only one in the world today who performs in English and in French indigenous tales from his native Benin.

A professor of English at Eastern Connecticut State University, with a Ph.D in English and Education from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a Master Teaching Artist, he has entertained, mesmerized and inspired audiences in America, Europe and Africa with his magical tales.

Two Ears and One Mouth

Track 1 28:51
Opening Music: Traditional Beninese Music by Traditional Beninese Singer
Mr Alekpehanhou.
Plenary address at the International TESOL Convention in Baltimore, MD USA
Poem: *Words Are Wonderful Things* (Mrs E.R. Miller)
Song of Invocation (Raouf Mama)
Poem of Invocation---Come And Hear My Story (Raouf Mama)
Story---The Wise Old Man (African oral tale)
Story---The Hunter and the Antelope (African oral tale)
Reprise of Song of Invocation (Raouf Mama)
Poem---Underneath We*re All The Same (Amy Maddox Skirvin)

Track 2 4:50
Reprise of Song of Invocation (unabridged)
Reprise of poem of invocation

Track 3 10:18
Story--"The Blind Man And The Lamp." (Beninese oral tale)
Poem--- Lines from "Auguries of Innocence" (William Blake)
Story-- "How Chameleon Became A Teacher." (Beninese oral tale)

Track 4 12:34
Story---*Leopard*s Argument With Monkey.* (African oral tale)

Track 5 1:37
Poem---*Asking* ( Poem originally written in Vietnamese by Huu Thinh and
translated into English by Georges Evans & Nguyen Qui Duc)
Closing music: Traditional instrumental music by Traditional Beninese
Singer Mr Alekpehanhou.
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