Program Outcomes

Labor Relations and Human Resource Management Major Program Outcomes

Goal 1: Knowledge of the fundamentals of economics, business, and psychology as they pertain to employment and labor relations. 

Outcome 1: Knowledge of the fundamentals of labor markets, labor economics, and how economic systems influence workers. 

Outcome 2: Knowledge of the main theories and applications of industrial-organizational psychology, including theories of motivation, job satisfaction, diversity, and leadership.

Outcome 3: Knowledge of labor and employment laws, functional areas of human resource management, and human resource applications in the workplace. 

Goal 2: Critical thinking and communication skills appropriate to the employment setting. 

Outcome 4: Ability to use analytical thinking to solve problems and make decisions in the context of the discipline (e.g. the employment relationship). 

Outcome 5: Ability to communicate professionally (e.g. orally, in writing, through presentations, and in professional interactions). 

Goal 3: Ethical reasoning as it relates to the employment relationship. 

Outcome 6: Ability to identify ethical issues in the employment relationship and solve employment problems by taking into consideration multiple perspectives. 

Goal 4: Research methodologies and statistical skills for investigating workplace issues. 

Outcome 7: Ability to use scientific reasoning to interpret workplace issues and use scientific methods to answer employment questions.