General Core

Labor Relations and Human Resource Management Major Degree Requirements

I. Pre-requisites for LHR courses (15 credits)

BUS 201Principles of Management3
ECO200Principles of Macroeconomics (T1SS)3
ECO201Principles of Microeconomics (T2IS)3
ECO215Statistics for Business and Economics (T2IT)3
PSY100General Psychology (TISS)3
Total Credits

II. Courses applied to the Labor Relations and Human Resource Management major (45 credits)
LRHRM majors must complete at least 45 credits of coursework from the courses listed below and complete the specified minimum number of credits within each cluster of courses.


Economics: 9 credits (3 courses)

ECO301Intermediate Micro-economic Analysis
ECO330Labor Economics3
ECO429Political Economy of Labor Relations (T3 Independent Inquiry)3
Total Credits

Business Administration (Human Resource Management): 9 credits (3 courses) minimum

BUS330Labor Relations and Employment Laws3
BUS331Organizational Behavior3
BUS333Human Resource Management 3
BUS433Strategic Talent Management3
BUS436Global Human Resource Management3
Total Credits

Psychology: 9 credits (3 courses) minimum

PSY303Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSY304Job Satisfaction and Motivation3
PSY305Leadership in Organizations 3
PSY403Seminar in Diversity at Work3
PSY404Measuring Work Behavior3
Total Credits

Other disciplines: 9 credits (3 courses) minimum

ANT300Women and Work3
ANT300Cross-Cultural Study3
ANT345Transnational, Racial, and Ethnic Identity3
BIS361Business Information Systems3
COM312Professional Presentations3
COM330Organization Communication3
COM331Dispute Resolution and Mediation3
GEO228Historical Geography of the U.S.3
GEO337Economic Geography3
HIS313The Gilded Age of World War I3
HIS315The U.S. Between the Wars3
PHI 320American Philosophy3
PHI360Global Ethics3
PSC225Organizational Theory3
PSC 314Modern Social/Political Thought3
PSC325Politics and the Mass Media3
PSC370Human Rights: Natural and Civil3
PSY325Health Psychology3
SWK311Social Environment and Human Behavior3
SWK325Social Welfare Policy3
SOC275The Sociology of Globalization3
SOC325Law and Society3
SOC358Sociology of Labor3
SOC373Collective Behavior/Social Movement3
Total Credits

LRHRM Electives:

In addition to the above requirements, majors must take two additional classes chosen from the Business Administration, Psychology, or Other Disciplines categories.6


LHR490Internship in Labor Relations and Human Resource Management3-6
Three credits of LHR 490 may be applied to the 45 credits required for the LRHRM major. If the internship is taken for 6 credits, 3 may be applied to the LRHRM major and the remaining 3 will apply to the 120 credits required for graduation.
Total Credits