Committee Members

5.1.8 The Liberal Arts Work Committee

General Description/Duties
The Liberal Arts Work Committee will be responsible for approving the proposals of individual departments to fulfill the LAW graduation requirement. The Committee will assist in developing a procedure to assess whether programmatic learning goals are met by those approved experiences and create and administer a process for granting exemptions and substitutions to the LAW requirement. The Committee will also be responsible for developing and administering the non-credit bearing transcript notation system.

The term of office shall be for three years.

Membership for 2018-2019 academic year:
Shall consist of thirteen members; the eight voting members are:

  • Two Instructional Faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences.
    Bryan Oakley (2020), Vijaykumar Veerappan (2021)
  • Two Instructional Faculty from the School of Education and Professional Studies.
    Fatma Pakdil (2021), Tanya Moorhead (2020)
  • One Instructional Faculty member from either School.
    Boya Li (2021)
  • One Administrative Faculty member.
    Maggie Gibeault (2020)
  • The Director of the Center for Internships and Career Development, ex-officio.
    Cliff Marrett
  • One student elected by the Student Senate.
    Vacant until election by SGA

The five non-voting members are:

  • The Coordinator of LAW
    Indira Petoskey
  • The Dean of the School of Continuing Education or designee, ex-officio.
    Indira Petoskey
  • The Vice President for Academic Affairs, ex-officio.
    William Salka
  • One representative from Alumni Affairs.
    Michael Stenko
  • The University Registrar or designee, ex-officio.
    John Bazin (designee)

Special Requirements

  • In no case shall there be more than one member from the same department.
  • The committee will send a representative to all Senate meetings.

SBA 13/14-02   Sunset clause eliminated.