SMART Podiums

What’s A SMART™ Podium?

A SMART™ Podium is a display with an interactive pen attached that lets you write or annotate on screen.

As you present to a group, the SMART™ Podium display can help make the experience interactive and engaging. You can interact with digital content and write on the display’s surface with the interactive pen while projecting the content to your audience. Draw on a blank monitor, projecting your screen to the class, and then save those notes for the future. The technology also lets you draw over images, web pages, PowerPoint, and anything else you want to show on the computer screen.

Come by CIT (Library 420) for a quick demonstration of the SMART™ Podium or email or call (860) 465-1248 to set up a time.

Currently 29 general purpose classrooms have a SMART™ Podium with interactive pen display
Eastern 39, Eastern 40
FAIC 115, FAIC 305, FAIC 307
Science 104, Science 114, Science 115, Science 117, Science 134, Science 231, Science 233, Science 416, Science 432
Sports Center 219, Sports Center 221
Webb 112, Webb 114, Webb 115, Webb 206, Webb 210, Webb 212, Webb 213, Webb 214, Webb 215, Webb 216, Webb 307, Webb 314, Webb 407