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Eastern's Information Technology Services Department is committed to providing faculty and staff with timely, effective support for desktop computer hardware and software. We encourage you to contact our ITS Help Desk at 1-860-465-4346 to report problems or request assistance with your office PCs, software, printers, scanners and other desktop computer equipment. Our staff is available to trouble-shoot hardware and software problems, install or upgrade hardware and software, and assist or advise on configuration and performance issues. Hardware repairs and parts replacement for standard desktop equipment can be arranged by our support staff through an outside service vendor.

Our first objective is to resolve issues and answer questions over the phone at the time of the report or request. When this is not possible, the call is assigned to a support staff person, who will contact the caller as soon as possible to make arrangements for an on-site visit. In either case, a record of the call is logged to our online tracking system. A call is not closed until the problem has been resolved or the request satisfied.

The Help Desk phones are staffed on the following schedule:

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. After hours, requests for support may be sent via a self service form http://ecsu-trackit2/TrackItWeb/SelfService/Login

Before calling or emailing, please have the following information available to provide to the Help Desk staff:

  • The location of the equipment (building and room)
  • Your phone number
  • The manufacturer, model and state tag number (if applicable) of the equipment
  • A description of the problem or request, including the text of any errors or messages displayed
  • If this is a follow-up contact regarding a previously reported problem, please inform the staff person when you call

As a service provider, we are always interested in improving the quality of our support. If you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at any time.

Incident Handling Process

Information Technology Services has established an incident handling process that provides the framework for an orderly response to events that threaten or compromise the security, integrity or operation of computing resources at Eastern. At the core of this process is the Incident Response Team (IRT) which consists of a team manager, technical leader and ad hoc members from other areas of the university with expertise in law enforcement, human resources, and other disciplines who are recruited as the situation warrants.

ITS staff currently serving as IRT members are:

Team Manager Kevin Gill 465-5793
Technical Leader Dave Bachand 465-5376

Eastern faculty and staff who learn of active or pending threats to computer resources should contact the ITS Help Desk at 465-4346 or the IRT team manager. (Events which threaten the safety of the Eastern community should be reported to ECSU Public Safety through the emergency 911 system.)