Why use the Computer Classrooms?

We'll work with you to make the labs work for you.The Instructional Computer Classrooms at Eastern put a computer in front of each student and offers you a chance work with the latest technology available. Every lab is designed to accommodate a variety of needs. Software and hardware configurations are tailored to suit students and instructors. Providing for your instructional needs is the number one priority in the labs.

The labs provide the students and professors with the tools they need to succeed. Different software for different disciplines has been incorporated to create an all-purpose, yet specialized environment. Special requests have always been accommodated, and special applications have been implemented to give the instructor complete control over the student machines, the LCD projectors, and other media delivery devices. We even provide a problem reporting tool on every lab computer to ensure that you get the fastest and best service. These are your labs. We deliver technology on your terms.

What is a Multimedia Room?

A Multimedia room has a lectern featuring a computer with Internet access, document camera, DVD/VHS player, and laptop connections, which can be used in conjunction with the ceiling-mounted projector to present material to a class. We have many Multimedia Rooms available for scheduling your classes and continue to add more each year.

Room Reservations: Procedures for reserving computer equipped classrooms.
Requesting Software Installations in the Labs: Procedures for having special software installing in the computer equipped classrooms.

Webb 410 General Purpose Computer Lab
Computer Classroom and Multimedia Room Locations
Lectern Console Quick Reference