Help Desk New Location

With the help and cooperation of the library, ITS is pleased to announce the ITS Help Desk has successfully moved to their new space within the library. Staff will be located on the main floor, room 236. The staffing hours will remain the same for this semester, Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00, and telephone 860-465-4346 as well as email to will still be handled as before.

This move will allow ITS to provide a higher level of service to students, faculty and staff encouraging drop ins. It is also part of an overarching goal to provide a more comprehensive level of service to the university community by working more closely with CIT still located on the fourth floor. In the past CIT and the Help Desk stood alone but with complimentary missions. Moving forward, both services will be more aligned to improve all services.

The move also frees up space in the Science building for ITS desktop support staff who were slated to move to Goddard next year which can now be used by Academic Affairs. In addition, the move provides ITS with the space flexibility to accommodate Business faculty who requested the use of Webb 311 for a computer lab currently used by ITS for imaging computers.

Keep an eye open for more information and announcements coming next fall. We look forward to providing improved customer service to the Eastern community.