Partner Universities

Partner Universities

Through partner agreements, students enroll directly in classes at a foreign university, but are not part of a reciprocal exchange program. Both Eastern and Central Connecticut State University offer their own list of international partner universities. If you choose to study abroad through a partner university, in most cases, you pay Eastern tuition and fees, to Eastern. You will be registered for ISP 300 (International Study Abroad Program course) for the semester that you will be abroad. Since the course is worth 12 credits you are held as a full-time student while abroad. Note: you will only receive the amount of credits you earned abroad only after receiving your foreign transcript.

Application Deadline
Fall semester: March 15th – Spring semester: October 15th

Eastern Partner Universities | Central Partner Universities

Note: Financial Aid is only available for approved 3rd Party Providers and Partner Schools within the CSU system.

Pro of using Eastern/Central Partner Schools:
You will most likely be paying the tuition and fees of your current host school. If you are an Eastern student, you will be paying Eastern’s tuition.

Con of using Eastern/Central Partner Schools:
This is a very independent process compared to other abroad options. The responsibility for fullfillment of this option is completely that of the student who is studying abroad.