About Studying Abroad

About Studying Abroad

Oh the places you’ll go…

International Study Abroad allows students to experience the world and the global community. You can gain cultural insight while living and studying along with students of a host country for a full semester, academic year or inter-session while earning Eastern credits.

we have a variety of programs available to students. You can study through a 3rd Party Provider, whereas you pay the organization’s tuition and fees or you can study abroad at one of Eastern or Central’s partner universities, in most cases, you pay tuition and fees, to ECSU for the same price of Eastern tuition.You may also study abroad through an inter-session program by enrolling in one of Eastern’s Global Field Courses, taught by Eastern faculty, or by participating in a short-term program offered by a 3rd Party Provider or partner university.

Credits earned abroad will count as transfer credits and they will not be calculated in the GPA.

Global Field Courses

National Student Exchange

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Our Goals

  • To provide students with the comfort, security, and most importantly confidence that one can study abroad.
  • To connect students to resources and support structures available at Eastern’s study abroad program that will assist with their academic success and independence.
  • To create rapport and build trust with students, faculty, and international universities through multicultural events and functions.
  • To expand the study abroad program by making it possible for everyone to participate.

Our Mission

Study Abroad engages students in global awareness through international study. The program promotes worldwide education and opportunity to travel and experience a new culture. Study Abroad values diversity, education, and international cooperation.

Application Deadline
Fall semester: March 15th – Spring semester: October 15th