Visiting Canada

Visiting Canada

If you plan to visit Canada you might need a visitor visa. Check the Canadian Consulate’s website  to see if you need a visitor visa and if so, how to apply. Plan ahead, as processing can take approximately one month or longer. Applications are accepted online or by mail.

Citizens of many countries might also be required to provide biometrics  (Fingerprints and Photograph) when applying for a visitor visa to Canada.

You must have a valid travel signature on your current I-20 or DS-2019 before you apply for a Canadian visa. Make sure to see Dr. Petoskey or Dmitry Satsuk to get a travel signature prior to departure. Bear in mind both Dmitry Satsuk and Dr. Petoskey aren’t always in the office so make sure you plan ahead and get the signature done in time.

Transit through Canada

You might need a visa to transit through Canada even for a short stop in flight elsewhere. Check the previously listed Canadian Consulate’s website.