Visa Information

Visa Information

Applying for U.S. Visa

  • You can apply for the visa through the U.S. Embasssy in your home country
  • Depending on the agreement with the US and your home country, you will likely need these documents to apply
    • Letter of acceptance
    • Proof of financial status
    • 1-20

Renewing your visa

  • Follow the same process which you used to apply for the visa initially
  • Include a copy of your school transcript with the documents in the “Applying for U.S. Visa” category

Expired Visa

  • Applying for new visa take several weeks so you need to plan your travel date
  • If your visa expired, you can leave US but you need to apply for a new visa before coming back.

Visa Categories at Eastern Connecticut State University

  • F-1 Student
    1. Most of the international students at Eastern Connecticut State University hold this status
    2. It allows you to study at Eastern as a full-time Student
  • J-1 student
    1. J-1 students receive funding other than personal(parents or family) similar but different from F-1 Students

Immigration Status

  • Your immigration status shows your legal records to stay in the USA depending on your visa documents(F-1,J-1,& H-1B)
  • International Students must always print out i-94 number which shows their status in the United States
  • Remember to bring the updated copy of your I-94 to the International Student Office every time you have returned to the USA
  • Please note that you can stay in the U.S. as long as your visa document(Form I-20 or DS-2019) hasn’t expired