Post- Arrival Checklist

Post – Arrival Check List

Follow this post-arrival checklist for new students to make sure you complete all required steps related to your F-1 or J-1 status.

Submit Photocopies of Your Immigration Documents

F-1 and J-1 visa regulations require you to report to campus after you arrive in Connecticut. To meet this requirement, follow the instructions below:

Winter and Spring Entry Students: Submit copies of your immigration documents to the Study Abroad office during the three day orientation week. The list below shows you what forms needs to be copied and handed in to the Study Abroad office, some of the forms will be provided to you during the orientation week.

Upon Arrival or change:

–          I-20

–          Passport

–          Visa

–          Change of address verification

–          Student verification form

–          Emergency contact list

–          International Student responsibilities form

Every Semester:

–          Course Schedule

–          Check in form

–          I-94 (Has to be re-printed every time you leave the U.S. and re-enter)


Update your own address on the Eastern Eweb

For mailing and potentially tax purposes we ask that you update your address on the Eastern Eweb portal every time you’re address changes as well as your phone number.


Attend International Student Orientation

As a new International Student at Eastern Connecticut State University we require you to attend the three day orientation that is scheduled prior to semester start. The specific dates of orientation will be provided on your I-20 that will be issued by the admissions office and sent to you prior to your arrival to Connecticut. IF for any reason you cannot attend some of the orientation week you need to let the study abroad office aware through email: , and or