Campus Life

Campus Life

Intercultural Center

  1. The Intercultural Center creates an atmosphere where International Students can go to study, relax, or hang out with other International Students.

Women Center

  1. The Women Center is a place for International Students to embrace their cultural ideas and relationship with their gender.
  2. The Women Center provides help and support for International Students for any form of harassment or sexual assaults.

Clubs and Student Organizations

  1. International students can choose from a variety of over 60 clubs on campus.
  2. International Students are encouraged to join clubs on campus depending on their major and personal interest. For instance, if you’re interested in nature, you can join the outdoors club.
  3. Clubs are a way for students to gain personal, professional and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom.

Eating on Campus

Student Center Food Court

  1. The Student Center Food Court offers a variety of food,  ranging from deli/sandwich, Pizza, salads, burgers, snacks, smoothies, beverages (coffee & tea) and much more.

Hurley Dining Hall

  1. This is the only dining hall that serves the students with meal plans.
  2. The meal plans are not mandatory for international students, however we encourage that they have the meal plan.
  3. The dining hall is about a 5-10 min. walk from the south side of the campus, so it is so easy to access.
  4. There is a variety of food at Hurley every time.

Library Café

  1. The Library Café is located on the first floor of the library and found in the middle of the campus.
  2. The Library Café is a good place to stop in-between classes and get snacks, coffee, tea, fruits, sandwiches and additional choices.
  3. If you find yourself studying in the library, and you need a coffee, water, or drinks like juice or soda, you don’t need to walk far away.

Eating Off-Campus

    1. International Students have the option to eat Off-Campus at the various restaurants around Willimantic and Mansfield ranging from Subway, Cafémantic, Willimantic Brewery, Friendly’s, Dominos, Royal Buffet, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King and many others.
    2. In addition, International Students can use their Eastern Cash Card to pay at most of the restaurants listed above.

Fun things to do

    1. Apart from the trips that are planned all year long for the International Students, they have other chances to explore the town of Willimantic.
    2. There is a shopping mall (East Brook Mall) which is about a 5 minutes drive from Eastern; as well as a movie theater in the mall. In addition, there is a bowling alley in North Windham where International Students can socialize and make connections with other students.