Study Abroad Office

Study Abroad Office

The Study Abroad Office at ECSU provides visa and immigration advising to international students who are currently attending Eastern as well as future prospective students.

The Study Abroad Office also provides international students with assistance throughout the semester in case they may face any difficulties during their time at ECSU. Besides assisting international students the study abroad office also provides assistance to national students who are looking to study abroad. Please bear in mind that as an international student at ECSU you are still eligible for either national student exchange programs or study abroad, abroad options.

Engaging International Students

Besides assisting international and domestic students in their international travels we maintain a solid schedule of trips every semester. These trips are planned on a semester basis and consists of everything from shopping trips to large malls to day trips to Boston.
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International Students Association

Every semester when new international students arrive to campus they will attend a three day orientation week where they will be introduced to everything they need to know about the ECSU campus as well as the surroundings. During this period you will also be assigned a mentor who will be of assistance all semester. We strongly advise you to reach out to your mentor with any questions you may have during your time at ECSU. The International Students Association contributes to this enhanced learning experience by quickly helping new students establish a network of other “older” international students who all are familiar with ECSU and everything that goes on around here. In short, the ISA provides new international students with a Facebook platform where you can ask any questions you may have or ask for help on homework if that is needed. Bear in mind all international students participating in this project have been in your situation when they first came to Eastern Connecticut State University.