Health Insurance

Health Insurance



Federal and state laws require that international students maintain adequate health insurance while attending Eastern Connecticut State University, as well as any other school in the U.S. While many other countries bear the expense of health care for their residents, individuals in the United States are responsible for these expenses themselves. A single day of hospitalization can cost thousands of dollars. A good insurance policy gives you access to excellent medical facilities and provides protection against the enormous costs of health care.

All matriculated international students in F-1 or J-1 status are required to have health insurance. We recommend international students to purchase insurance for the entire year so that you will be covered whether or not you are enrolled each semester. Make every effort to be insured during your entire stay in the U.S., including your vacation semesters and after graduation if you stay for a period of Optional Practical Training or Academic Training.

Eastern Connecticut State University maintains a professionally staffed Health Center, conveniently located on the ECSU campus, to provide treatment for basic medical conditions for current ECSU students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. It does not, however, provide major surgery, major illness or overnight care.


J-1 Insurance Requirements

You and your family are required by federal law to have specific amounts of sickness and accident insurance for the duration of your program.

A new rule effective May 15, 2015 changes the minimum coverage requirements for that insurance (as shown below). Incoming exchange visitors, and exchange visitors currently at Eastern Connecticut State University, must comply with the new rules.

This table compares the insurance coverage figures in the current rule, and the figures in the new rule.

Item Current Rule Final Rule (Effective May 15, 2015)
Medical benefits $50,000 $100,000
Repatriation of remains $7,500 $25,000
Medical evacuation $10,000 $50,000
Deductible per accident or illness $500 $500

Be aware that you and any accompanying spouse and dependent(s) also may be subject to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

You must ensure that your alternate health insurance plan meets all minimum requirements above.