Kenneth J. DeLisa

Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Gelsi & Young Hall, Room. 126
(860) 465-5267

Mr. DeLisa is responsible for the direct oversight, management and evaluation of all activities related to Human Resources and Labor Relations, including key participation in labor relations issues and contract negotiations. He develops, coordinated and advises Senior Staff on University Human Resources policies and procedures.


(Back, from left:) Lourdes Ardel, Doris Decyk, Jianguo (Jay) Zhu
(Seated, from left:) La Shawn McBride, Gayl Osuba


Lourdes Ardel

Director of Human Resources
Gelsi-Young Hall Room 331
(860) 465-5118

Mrs. Ardel is responsible for ensuring accurate entry and maintenance of payroll data and University compensation records consistent with applicable CSU Personnel Policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. She coordinates resources and maintains records of training opportunities to meet statutory and university requirements along with addressing training needs of staff. She counsels employees on retirement matters and prepares all retirement packages for submission to the Retirement Division. Mrs. Ardel is Eastern’s Records Management Liaison Officer with the Connecticut State Library on records retention issues. She provides counseling information on FMLA and other leave requests along with processing all sick leave bank requests, and also processes tuition waiver forms. She is a member of Eastern’s CERT team and Safety Committee. She assists the Vice President for Human Resources with labor relations and unemployment compensation matters along with providing guidance to University offices on issues involving contract interpretation and University and State of Connecticut policies and procedures relative to HR matters.

Doris Decyk

Associate in Human Resources
Gelsi-Young Hall Room 331
(860) 465-4649

Ms. Decyk administers procedures for worker’s compensation; performs data entry and maintenance functions in various database applications to ensure accuracy and complete records; manages part-time payment authorizations for University Assistants, lecturers, and other part-time staff to include review of rates to ensure compliance with University regulations and/or applicable collective bargaining agreements and loading into appropriate payroll systems for timely payment; processes CSU research grants and curriculum award payments; administers tuition reimbursement for classified employees.

La Shawn McBride

Coordinator of Human Resources Programs
Gelsi-Young Hall Room 331
(860) 465-5220

Ms. McBride manages and administers the recruitment and hiring process for selected areas; provides administrative support for the hiring process; performs data entry or benefits administration for new and existing staff; drafts positions descriptions for classified positions; performs employee orientation and benefits enrollment, employee records management, and employee communications; coordinates annual Health, Wellness & Benefits Expo. Ms. McBride may assist the Vice President for Human Resources with the technical aspects of labor contract administration and collective bargaining support services.

Gayl Osuba

Associate in Human Resources
Gelsi-Young Hall Room 331
(860) 465-4650

Mrs. Osuba acts as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Human Resources. Responsible for tracking of documentations related to the establishing and refilling of positions. Prepares full time appointment letters and related documentation. Maintains records of all unclassified job descriptions. Coordinates communications and meetings related to Labor Relations and maintains all grievance files.

Jianguo (Jay) Zhu

University HR Administrator for Recruiting & Reporting
Gelsi-Young Hall Room 248
(860) 465-5344

Mr. Zhu’s major areas of responsibility includes unclassified employee recruiting, the University’s Affirmative Action Plan, employee immigration counseling, Human Resources Information System, EPM Reporting. He maintains the web sites for both the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Equity and Diversity, and coordinates the creation and delivery of publication from both offices. He reviews and calculates annual or semi-annual salary increases for AAUP, SUOAF and Management and Confidential employees. He is responsible for employment surveys such as CUPA surveys and AAUP surveys. He also maintains and distributes reports on SUOAF and AAUP contract renewals, evaluations, tenure, promotion and sabbatical leave eligibility.