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Faculty Search Procedures

Procedures for Faculty Consulting and Research with Public or Private Entities

Faculty Search Forms

ConnSCU Request to Fill Form (DOC) (PDF Fillable)


Ad Template and Sample (DOC)

Background Check Consent Form  (PDF)

Benchmark Timeline

Search Plan Form (DOC)

Search Checklist (DOC)

Authorization for Reference Checks (DOC)

W-9 Form (PDF Fillable)

All Search Candidates Travel Expenses Request Form (DOC)

Individual Search Candidate Travel Expenses Request Form (DOC)

Faculty Search Committee Recommendation Form (DOC)

Request for Permission to Hire and Salary Analysis (DOC)

Search Report Form (DOC)

Other Search Related Forms

I-9 Form (PDF Fillable) and Instructions

Classified Position Hire Request Form (PDF)

Frequently Used Forms

AAUP Article 10.12 Form (DOC)

Application for Tuition Reimbursement – Classified Employees Only (PDF)

CT-W4 Form (PDF Fillable)

Federal W4 Form (PDF Fillable)

Designation of Retirement System-Tier-Plan-Beneficiary (CO-931h) (DOC)

Direct Deposit Form (DOC)

Dual Employment Request Form (PDF Fillable)

Employment Application Form (PDF Fillable)

Part Time Authorization Form – Lecturer (DOC)

Part Time Authorization Form – UA/GA (DOC)

Personal Data Sheet (PDF)

Records Disposal Authorization (DOC)

Registration Fee Waiver for Classified Employees (DOC)

Report of Occupational Injury Form (PDF)

Reporting of Research or Consulting Compliance Form (DOC)

Request for External Teaching (PDF)

Course Cancellation Form (DOC)

Clerical Tuition Waiver Form(PDF)

Retiree Health Fund Enrollment Form (CO-1300) (DOC)

Tuition Waiver Form for Unclassified Employees

Evaluation Forms

AAUP Professional Assessment Form – DEC (DOC)

AAUP Professional Assessment Administrator Comment Form (DOC)

Administrative Faculty Evaluation Form (DOC)

General Service Rating Form for Protective Services (Per-125) (DOC)

Clerical Service Rating Form (Per-126) (DOC)

Administrative & Residual Service Rating Form (Per-127) (DOC)

Maintenance Service Rating Form (Per 148) (DOC)

Leave Related Forms

AAUP Sick Leave Bank Application (PDF)

SUOAF Sick Leave Bank Application (PDF)

MC Sick Leave Bank Application (PDF)

Employee Medical Certificate P-33A (PDF)

Caregiver Medical Certificate Form P-33B (PDF)






Request for Adjusted Work Schedule -Clerical (DOC)