Timeline for Instructional Faculty Searches

Timeline for Instructional Faculty Searches

The following timeline for anticipated full-time instructional faculty searches should be followed to coordinate search-related activities to increase the likelihood of obtaining successful search outcomes.

This timeline may be altered to meet the educational and operational needs of the University to address exigent circumstances created by unanticipated resignations, retirements, or increases in enrollment. The Benchmark Dates noted below are intended to serve as guidelines to enable prompt actions related to searches.

Benchmark Dates, Activities

February 15th
After consultation with the Dean, departments will submit formal requests for faculty positions to the Dean for searches to be initiated during the fall of the following academic year.

April 1st
Contingent upon budgetary approval, the Dean will inform departments, in writing, of approved requests for faculty positions and will authorize the initiation of affirmative action searches.

April 15th

In consultation with the Dean and appropriate administrators, department representatives will meet to form search committees, develop advertisements, job descriptions, and affirmative action search plans. The Dean shall provide the templates for national and journal advertising to the departments.

May 5th

The department will submit to the Dean: (a) final advertisements for journals; (b) final advertisements for the University’s annual advertisement; and, (c) affirmative action search plans.

May 15th
Final advertisements and affirmative action search plans are approved in accordance with the established instructional faculty search procedures.

August 15th
The Vice President for Academic Affairs transmits to the Office of Human Resources the final consolidated advertisements for placement in appropriate national publications in early September. This will enable departments to conduct screening and interviews of candidates in the Fall Semester, if possible.

Before an offer is extended, the Dean will inform the search committee chair or the department of the candidate to whom an offer will be made. The department may request a meeting with the Dean to discuss the Dean’s decision.