University Residential Outreach Councill (UROC) and
Residence Hall Associations (RHA)

The University Residential Outreach Council (UROC) is the student-run governing body for the Residence Hall Associations (RHA) from each residence hall. UROC works in collaboration with the RHAs, the Office of Housing and Residential Life, Athletics, academic departments and other university departments to enhance programming and events for residence hall students with an emphasis on academic, cultural, social and weekend events and programs. UROC supports the RHAs through weekly meetings where RHA representatives from the halls and any resident student can share ideas for programming and share what is going on in each hall. UROC members create and implement programs for residents and address resident concerns within the residence halls. All resident students are welcome to attend UROC meetings.

Residence Hall Associations are the student-run governance organizations in each building and for all buildings, whose purpose is to enhance the community at Eastern. Any resident at Eastern can join the RHA for their assigned hall. With your ideas and help, these organizations plan various activities to develop a strong community on campus. They are also a great place to gain leadership experience. Get involved — join today! These organizations meet weekly/bi-weekly to give you opportunities to impact your environment. What’s on your mind? What events are you interested in having in your building? Help plan hall and campus-wide programs. Fund-raising events and community service programs are also available. Being a part of your council can open many doors for you. Elections for residence organization executive boards are held during the first two weeks of classes. Don’t let this rewarding experience pass you by. Attend a meeting today and get involved. Remember, you can make a difference at Eastern!

Meeting Schedule

Residence HallFrequency of Meetings DayTimeLocation
UROCWeeklyWednesday12pmStudent Center Room 107
Burnap HallWeekly Thursday8pm Second Floor Lounge
Burr HallWeeklyMonday9pm Sophie Jenkins Living Room
Constitution HallWeeklyWednesday8pm Game Room
Crandall HallWeeklyTuesday8pm Second Floor Lounge
High RiseWeeklyThursday8pmHigh Rise 623
Laurel HallBi-WeeklyTuesday9pm Meeting Room
Low RiseWeeklyMonday8:30pm Low Rise 101
Mead HallWeeklyWednesday7pm Commons B
Niejadlik HallWeeklyWednesday8pm Commons
Noble HallBi-WeeklyTuesday7pm Ground Floor Lounge
Nutmeg HallWeekly Tuesday8:30pm Meeting Room
Occum HallWeekly Thursday6pm Occum 400
Winthrop HallWeeklyMonday8pm Winthrop Hall Lounge