The Six Week Challenge!!!

The Six Week Challenge was created to assist first-year students in acclimating and engaging with their peers and the University as a whole. The Six Week Challenge is intended to increase retention, promote academic and personal success, and to enhance the quality of life within the residence halls and aligns with the core values of Eastern. Students will participate in various events throughout the first six weeks; such as hall and floor socials, roommate expectation forms, meals with staff, community service events, the Roommate Game, RA programs, etc. Do you have what it takes to complete the Six Week Challenge?

In following the University’s goal of sustainability, this year we are not printing Six Week Challenge booklets. Attendance is tracked solely through our mobile attendance. However, if you’d like to track your own attendance, please print this booklet using the following settings: Landscape, Double-Sided, & Flip on Short Edge. Click here to print your own Six Week Challenge booklet