Project MATCH-UP

Project M.A.T.C.H. – U.P.
Making Adjustments To College Helped by Upperclassmen Peers
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Apply here if you are a new student and would like to participate.

Here at Eastern Connecticut State University, we know that the transition for first-year students into college is a very exciting time! Through the Project Match-up program, first-year residential students will stay connected to their upperclassman mentor throughout the semester by attending community events, activities around campus, and educational opportunities.

Project M.A.T.C.H.-U.P. is an optional program for incoming students to be paired with upperclassman mentor as a means to have an initial connection to campus. Upperclassman mentors will make contact with incoming students during the summer and will maintain meaningful connections throughout their first semester at Eastern!


  • The Office of Housing & Residential Life will provide incoming residential students with an upperclassman mentor to obtain an initial connection to campus and provide additional support here at Eastern.
  • Mentors will encourage campus involvement by providing an introduction to various engagement opportunities such as connections to clubs & organizations, Resident Hall Association, University Residential Outreach Council (UROC), and Warrior Cup!
  • The M.A.T.C.H.-U.P. program offers a guide for incoming residential students to the university, campus life, and the greater Willimantic community by offering various events.

 Activities for matches:

  1. Attend all Project M.A.T.C.H. – U.P. Socials.
  2. Attend two Resident Assistant educational programs, one in the Mentor’s Hall & one in the Mentee’s hall.
  3. Enjoy a meal or snack at Hurley, the Student Center Food Court, or the Library Café together.
  4. Attend the University’s Student Activities Fair.
  5. Attend a Student Organization Meeting together (M.A.L.E.S., F.E.M.A.L.E.S., OLAS, People Helping People, SGA, etc.)
  6. Attend an athletic or community service event.
  7. Attend a fine arts program or university speaker event (musical, theater, art show, cultural celebrations event, university hour, etc.).
  8. Attend a Friday After Dark (FAD), Resident Hall Association (RHA), UROC or another Housing event.
  9. Attend a Warrior Cup event together!
  10. Do something recreational in the Willimantic, CT area (movies, restaurant, bowling, etc.).

Application process:

  • Incoming students who are interested in being paired with an upperclassman mentor should complete the online application above by clicking the link for Project M.A.T.C.H.-U.P.
  • Submission of an application authorizes Eastern Housing to share the contact information of the incoming student with the assigned upperclassman mentor.
  • After submitting your application, incoming students will be notified of the name and contact information for their upperclassman peer who will make initial contact during the summer.

For additional information, contact the Director of Housing and Residential Life, LaMar Coleman, at