Housing Rates

Housing Rates

Residence Hall Costs (Fall 2018 & Spring 2019)

(Prices are per semester and do not include the $20 social fee per semester)

First Year & Transfer Halls*
Burnap, Burr, Crandall, & WinthropDouble & Triple*$3,879
Burnap, Burr, Crandall, & WinthropSingle$4,908
Constitution HallDouble $4,393
Occum (no kitchen)*Double$4,460
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Upper Class Halls & Apartments
High Rise and Low RiseSingle$4,859
High Rise and Low RiseDouble$4,718
Low RiseEfficiency$6,274
Laurel and NutmegSingle$5,174
Noble ApartmentDouble$4,676
Occum Apartment* (no kitchen)Double$4,460
Occum Apartment (with kitchen)Double$4,676
Occum ApartmentEfficiency$5,160
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Meal Plan Costs

*Required Meal Plans
Silver Plus $125 - required for all First Year Halls and Niejadlik and residents on the 1st and 2nd floors of Occum Hall. (includes $125 Dining Dollars)$2,881
Meal Plan Fact Sheet

Please visit the Card Services website for information on all meal plans available.

Refund Policy for Tuition, Fees and Housing

Upon Withdrawal from the University
Prior to the first day of classes100%
During the first week of classes 90%
During the second week of classes60%
During the third and fourth week of classes 40%
No refund after the fourth week of classes0%

* Triple Rebate

The University set up the triple rebate policy to give students living with two other people in the same bedroom a rebate for their housing cost. It was set up as follows and relates to actual persons in the room, not additional furniture, as the triple furniture remains in the rooms, regardless of two or three people living there.

Students who moved into a bedroom where three people were assigned and moved in on the first day are entitled to a $100 rebate. Students still living in a bedroom with three people as of the three week freeze, day 21, are entitled to an additional $200 rebate. If a student moved into a room that had three sets of furniture, but there were only two people, they are not entitled to the initial $100, but at the three week freeze, if at that point there are now three people living in the bedroom, they would receive a $200 rebate. Students who initially moved into a triple room with two other people and then one moved out are entitled to only a $100 rebate.

After the three-week freeze date (set by the Board of Trustees), students entitled to a rebate, based on the information above, will be notified via email and the amount will be posted to their account. If the student owes a balance to the University, the rebate will post as a payment toward the student’s account. Students will only receive a refund check (via campus mail from the Bursar’s Office) if there is no balance due on the account. Students who withdraw from the University prior to the three-week freeze are not entitled to a rebate and the rebate will be removed from the account.

Refund Policy for Housing Fees (and remaining a student)

There is no refund of housing fees after June 30th if a student leaves housing per the information below with the implementation of the Annual Housing Contract. Please see below for more information.

Annual Housing Contract

Eastern utilizes an annual housing contract for all residential students. Any student who requests housing (by paying a non-refundable housing deposit, submitting the housing intent survey with the intent to return [for current residents only], or by submitting a housing application), has only until June 30th to cancel your request for housing to be released from the contract. After that date, a student can submit a Housing Withdrawal Form, which will be reviewed by a committee to determine whether the student will be let out of the contact. If a student is not released from their contract, the student will remain assigned to housing for the academic year and all housing charges will apply.

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