Housing Selection 2015-2016

myHousing Selection for 2017-2018 Academic Year

For Current Residential Students Only

FYI – Priority Points Pick Time

Online room selection will take place on Friday, April 7th, starting at 3pm through Sunday, April 9th, or until all available spots have been assigned (we always run out of spots before all eligible students have a chance to select housing). Your priority points pick time is your start time for room selection and is calculated by your Priority Points score. Your earned pick time will be posted to eHousing on Monday, April 3rd by 4pm.

*You must complete steps 1 and 2 by their deadlines in order to receive a pick time to participate in the room selection process.

Step 1 – Housing Deposit
Due Thursday, March 30th (3/30/17)

In order to participate in the fall room selection process, all students must first pay the non-refundable $250 Housing Deposit by the due date listed.
Housing Deposit Payment Instructions

Step 2 – Complete Fall Housing Application
Due Monday, April 3rd by 9am (4/3/17)

In order to participate in the fall room selection process, all residents must first submit a Fall Housing Application prior to the start of housing selection.

  • Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker
  • Go to the Eastern Student Portal: Student Portal
  • Choose “eWeb Online”
  • Click “Login – Access Secured Area of eWeb”
  • Click “Student Services”
  • Click “Housing & Residential Life”
  • Choose “Apply Online”
  • Click on “Login” below “ApplyOnline”
    1. Select the application type (pay attention to the correct semester you are trying to apply for)
    2. You must read and agree to the housing contract to continue.
    3. Add personal preferences and click continue
    4. Add living preferences (select choice 1 and request hall type, then select hall and click “add request” or your hall preference will not save, you can then select a choice 2, 3, etc. but be sure to click “add request” after each choice or they will not save. Once you click “add request” the hall will pop up to the top of the screen and in red lettering will read “your room preference has been added”
    5. Click “complete application”

Step 3 – Housing Intent Survey
Only those not returning to housing

The University is always looking for ways to improve all services for students. Because of this, our office tracks the reasons students decide not to return to housing, which can only be done by students completing the housing intent form. However, this form is only for those students who are deciding not to return to housing, and is only available during the times of the survey, which will be emailed to all students who do not pay the non-refundable housing deposit by March 30th.

  • Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker
  • Go to the Eastern Student Portal: Student Portal
  • Choose “eWeb Online”
  • Click “Login – Access Secured Area of eWeb”
  • Click “Personal Information” and click “Answer Assessments/Surveys”
  • Choose “Housing Intent – Fall 2017”
  • When the last question has been answered, you must hit “Submit” for your answers to be recorded.

Step 4 – Online Roommate Matching Process
Monday, April 3rd – Thursday, April 6th (4/3/17 – 4/6/17)

Those residents who have paid their housing deposit and completed the housing application by the due dates listed may choose roommates*. You may request up to 5 roommates (max group size is 6). By agreeing to be a matched roommate group, you agree to give your group permission to assign you to housing. Please discuss housing options within your group in the event that you cannot get into the hall you want, or have to break into smaller groups. If you do not respond to all group matching requests, the group is an “unmatched group” and no one is the group will be able to select housing until the group is match or disbanded.

Roommate Selection Instructions

*Note: There may be other factors that could potentially prevent a resident student from participating in this process. You will not be able to find any student who is:

  • NOT a current residential student.
  • NOT eligible due to not paying the deposit by 3/30/17.
  • NOT eligible due to not completing the housing application by 4/3/17. However, if a student has paid the deposit and hasn’t completed the application, once an application has been completed, the student will automatically be eligible to participate in roommate matching.
  • NOT eligible to due to a judicial hold.

Step 5 – Online Room Selection
Friday, April 7th – Sunday, April 9th (4/7/17 – 4/9/17)

Those residents who have paid their Housing Deposit and completed the housing application by the due date listed may choose a room* as of or after their start time on 4/7/17 – 4/9/17. Historically, there are not enough spots for all students who decide to participate in housing selection. There may be a wait list. Those students who typically do not get to select housing either missed their earlier housing selection time or have earned the lowest amount of points. Students will be placed on a waiting list based on their earned point totals (roommate groups cannot be accommodated from the wait list, as it is based on individual point totals). We have always been able to accommodate all students that are on the wait list, but not necessarily with your preferred roommates or in your preferred hall.

Housing Selection Instructions

When I try to log into eWeb, I cannot log in. How do I log in if my password isn’t working?
Please contact the HelpDesk at 860-465-4346 from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. The HelpDesk worker will be able to assist you.

I logged into eWeb. But, when I click “Housing & Residential Life”, I don’t see the housing application. All I see is a white page that reads, “Thank you. For security reasons, we recommend that you exit completely and close this browser”. What should I do?
That window is supposed to open under the application window and should remain open until you finish your application. First, please disable your pop-up blocker. Click “Housing & Residential Life”, if the white window pops up saying to close for security reasons, minimize that window and the application may be under it.

Annual Housing Contract

Eastern has moved to an annual housing contract. Any student who requests housing for the fall semester (by paying a non-refundable housing deposit, submitting the housing intent survey with the intent to return [for current residents only], or by submitting a housing application), have only until June 30, 2017 to cancel your request for housing to be released from the contract. After that date, a student can submit a Housing Contract Cancellation Request Form, which will be reviewed by a committee to determine whether the student will be let out of the contact. If a student is not released from their contract, the student will remain assigned to housing for the academic year and all housing charges will apply. Click here for more information.