Honors Council Members

The Honors Council Members

Dr. William Salka, Director of University Honors Program, Professor of Political Science
(860) 465-4609, email: salkaw@easternct.edu

Dr. Amy Bataille, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Physical Education
(860) 465-4002, email: bataillea@easternct.edu

Dr. Miriam Chirico, Associate Professor of English
(860) 465-0233, email: chiricom@easternct.edu

Dr. Maryanne Clifford, Associate Professor of Economics
(860) 465-5512, email: cliffordm@easternct.edu

Dr. Timothy Cochran, Assistant Professor of Music
(860) 465-5193, email: cochranti@easternct.edu

Dr. Mizan Khan, Professor of Mathematics
(860) 465-4613, email: khanm@easternct.edu

Dr. Patricia Szczys, Associate Professor of Tropical Biology
(860) 465-5316 email: szczysp@easternct.edu

Christopher Dorsey, Director of Admissions
(860) 465-4398, email: dorseyc@easternct.edu