Future Honors Colloquia

Fall 2018 Colloquia

The Prison State
Dr. Courtney Broscious
The United States has, by far, the highest incarceration rate in the world.  Since the 1970s, we have experienced an exponential increase in incarceration rates due to a variety of political and social factors. This course is designed to explore the many facets of our “prison state” in the United States. Students will learn about the criminal justice process and the multiple stages of the process that influence incarceration rates, learn about political and social factors that led to the implementation of tough on crime policies, learn about racial disparities in our justice system, and learn about the reach of our criminal justice system into civil matters. We will also explore what the federal and state governments are doing to attempt to reform the criminal justice system and consider the impact of these reforms on the prison state.

Dr. Lisa Fraustino
Why do writers, artists, and even scientists so often use anthropomorphism to interpret the behaviors of animals, plants, and nonliving things?  What are the repercussions of this tendency to understand the world in terms of human social and cultural identities? Through multidisciplinary lenses including literary, historical, philosophical, anthropological, scientific, and others, this course will examine the meaning and significance of anthropomorphism.  Students will pursue individual paths of inquiry and engage in both critical and creative projects.