Future Honors Colloquia


Future Honors Colloquia

Fall 2014

HON 360-01:  Writing Poetry                                                                                                MW 5:30-6:45

Professor Daniel Donaghy, English Department  

This course will introduce students to the art and practice of poetry writing. Its focus will be on how poets can use research of various kinds to inspire, inform, and develop their poems. The reading and writing assignments I give during the first half of the term will prepare students for the independent work they will do in the second half.

HON 360-01: Myth Busting: Real Science or Something of that Ilk                                     W 3-3:50

Professor Elizabeth Cowles, Biology Department 

Mythbusters Rejoice!  This course will investigate myths: how/why started, how perpetuated, and whether they are supported by the evidence.  We will discuss and debate myths, and why it is so difficult to “defeat/undo” myths.  Students will be expected to participate fully in class discussions, and present their “favorite” myth at the end of the semester.