On Saturday, September 27, the History Club travelled to Norwich for the annual Renaissance Faire, accompanied by professors Roland Clark and David Frye. Among other things, the fair featured jousting matches, weapons exhibitions, Shakespeare renditions, period singers, and a rat circus. Not to be outdone by the costumed performers, members of the club joined in the fun and some also came dressed in renaissance attire. It was a hot day but lots of fun was had by all.


On Saturday April 12th, History Club visited the PEZ Museum in Orange, Connecticut. Shawn Batchelder ’16 (president), Kelly Galligan ’17 (treasurer), Kim Avery ’14, and Elissa MacInnis ’17, were in attendance. The PEZ candy dates back to 1927 and was invented by Austrian Eduard Haas III. PEZ is actually an acronym for the German word for peppermint, “pfefferminz,” which uses the first, middle, and last letters of the word.  The Museum consists of several thematic displays, such as animals, sports, and Batman, a gift shop, and visual access to the factory. The PEZ Museum is a family-friendly activity and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the History Club.

History Club will also be hosting a trivia night on April 22nd with free food and prizes and a fundraiser later this month. The club meets every Tuesday at 3:30pm in the Student Center. For more information, contact us at historyclub@easternct.edu






“At the President’s Picnic, Fall 2013”

The History Club meets weekly at 5:30pm on Wednesday afternoons in the Student Center room 219. The club runs a popular Trivia Night each semester as well as regular trips and other activities. It has recently visited the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich and volunteered at the Windham Textile Museum. This semester the club is planning to visit the PEZ Museum in Orange and the Mark Twain House in Hartford. For any questions you can contact Faculty Advisor Dr. Roland Clark.

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