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History Seminars and Colloquia Schedule
The following is a provisional schedule of History seminars and colloquia for the next several semesters. It is subject to change. Days and times are not assigned until the immediate preceeding semester. If you have questions or comments, see the instructor or department chair.
Semester Course Title or Topic Instructor
Fall 2012

HIS 400
HIS 406
HIS 406

Cold War

Sports in America

Late Stuart England




Spring 2013

HIS 400
HIS 406

HIS 406

Immigration in Connecticut

Scandal & Reform in Victorian Britain

Early Western Warfare




What seminar or colloquium do I need to take and when?
Register for an appropriate seminar or collquium in your Junior or Senior year after you have passed HIS 200 and several other history classes.
Major Requirement
Any Seminar: HIS 400, HIS 406,  HIS 407, or HIS 420
History and Social Science:
Any Colloquium: HIS 461, HIS 462, HIS 463 or any
Seminar: HIS 400, HIS 406,  HIS 407, or HIS 420
History/Americans Studies:
Seminar only: AMS 420
Seminar and Colloquia List
HIS 400      Seminar in American HIstory
HIS 406      Seminar in European History
HIS 407      Seminar in World History
HIS 420      Seminar in American Civilization
AMS 420    Seminar in American Civilization (cross-listed for American Studies majors)

HIS 461      Colloquium in American History
HIS 462      Colloquium in European History
HIS 463      Colloquium in World History
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