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New England Studies Minor

The New England Studies minor is available for History majors as well as for students majoring in other disciplines whose professional and vocational careers may be strengthened by knowledge of the distinctive values and characteristics of historic and contemporary New England. The minor emphasizes interdisciplinary study with varied courses offerings that utilize traditional classroom lectures and discussions as well as individual research, internships, and field experiences.

The New England Studies minor consists of a minimum of 15 credits.

Required Courses
Subject Course Title  
NES 200 Introduction to New England Studies  
NES 400 Seminar in New England Studies  
Electives: Select three courses from the following
Subject Course Title  
ART 305 Art of New England  
HIS 320 Connecticut History  
HIS 325 Wxpansion of New England  
NES / HIS 250 History of New England  
NES 315 Field Studies in Historic New England  
NES / ENG 342 Literature of New England  
NES / ENG 343 Folklore and Folklife of New England