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History and Social Science Major:
BA Degree Requirements

I. Required Courses (9 credits)
Subject Course Title Credits
HIS 115-116 Early/Modern World History
HIS 120 Early American Experience or
HIS 121 Recent American Experience
HIS 230 Western Civilization Before 1500 or
HIS 231 Western Civilization Since 1500
HIS 200 Historical Research and Writing
II. History Electives (15 credits)
A minimum of five history electives at the 200, 300, and 400-level. A maximum of one of these electives may be taken at the 200-level. Majors are encouraged to take a broad range of electives in European, American, and non-Western history. Students seeking teaching certification at the secondary level should take at least one non-Western history to meet state certification requirements.
III. Seminar or Colloquium (3 credits)
One seminar (HIS 400, 406, 407, or 420) or colloquium (HIS 461, 462, or 463). This fulfills the university requirement for a writing-intensive course.This seminar also fulfills the LAC Tier III: Independent Inquiry.
IV. Social Science Electives (12 credits)
Majors select four courses from the following disciplines. Students seeking certification as secondary school teachers should select courses from at least 4 different disciplines and should consult their academic advisors about appropriate courses to meet current state certification requirements.

Political Science

History and Social Science Majors taking HIS 120/121 are exempt from Tier I Historical Perspectives, and those taking HIS 230/231 are exempt from Tier II Cultural Perspectives.
Recommended Course Sequence: History & Social Science Major (BA) Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning course schedule.
First Year:
LAC Requirements (Writing, Math, Colloquium) 18-21
HIS 115 or 116 Early/Modern World History 0-3
HIS 120/121 Early/Recent American Experience 0-3
Social Science Electives 3-9
Total 30
Second Year:
LAC Requirements (Tier I, Tier II) 9-12
HIS 230/231 Western Civilization 3
HIS 200 History Research & Writing 4
HIS 2**/3** History Electives 3-6
Social Science Discipline 3-6
Minor 0-3
Electives 0-3
Total 30
Third Year:
LAC Requirements (Tier I, Tier II) 4-7
HIS 3** History Electives 3-6
Social Science Discipline 3-6
Minor 0-6
Electives 5-17
Total 30
Fourth Year:
LAC Requirements (Tier I, Tier II, Tier III) 6-9
HIS 3** History Elective 3-6
HIS 4** Seminar or Colloquium 3-4
Minor 3-9
Electives 12
total 30
Total Credits


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