History Major

History Major


The liberal arts History Major is planned to achieve several goals:

  1. to achieve an understanding of the historical background of modern society, politics, economics, and culture
  2. to prepare for higher-level professional training and teaching
  3. to cultivate active skills in research and writing

Admission to the Program
All students who wish to request admission to the History or History and Social Science major must contact the chairperson of the department to declare their major and to initiate steps toward developing a plan of study.

Transfer students who wish to graduate from Eastern with a History or History and Social Science major must take a minimum of 15 credits of history courses at the University. They must also meet all of the specific requirements for either major whether with transferred or Eastern courses. Transfer students will be evaluated individually to determine their program.

All majors in both programs must receive a 2.0 or better in each course required for the major, including courses in the social sciences or related areas other than history. Transfer students and new majors with 60 credits or more may substitute upper division courses for lower division requirements with the consent of their advisor and the chair. All students taking 300 or 400-level courses should first complete HIS 200.