History Major Degree Requirements

History Major:
BA Degree Requirements

I. Required Courses (15 credits)
HIS120The Early American Experience, 1607-1877
HIS121The Recent American Experience, 1877-Present
HIS200Historical Research and Writing
HIS230Western Civilization Before 1500
HIS231Western Civilization Since 1500
II. History Electives (18 credits)
A minimum of six history electives at the 200, 300, and 400-level. A maximum of two of these electives may be taken at the 200-level. Majors are encouraged to take a broad range of electives in European, American, and non-Western history.
III. History Electives Seminar (4 credits)
One seminar (HIS 400, 406, 407, or 420). This satisfies the university requirement for a writing-intensive course.
History majors taking HIS 120/121 are exempt from Tier I Historical Perspectives, and majors taking HIS 230/231 are exempt from Tier II Cultural Perspectives.
Total Credits