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Ann R. Higginbotham Professor of History / Department Chair Webb Hall 331 (860) 465-4604 Victorian Britain, Women, Modern Europe Ann Higginbotham
M1:00-3:00 T W12:00-2:00 Th3:30-4:30 F
Caitlin Carenen (PhD History, Emory University, 2008) Assistant Professor of History Webb Hall 352 (860) 465-5033
US Foreign Policy, US Religious history
M T2:00-4:00 W1:00-2:00 Th2:00-4:00 F
Roland Clark Assistant Professor Webb Hall 350 860-465-4594 My Website     
M11:00-12:00 & 4:00 5:00 T- W11:00-12:00 & 4:00-5:00 Th F11:00-12:00
Stacey Close (PhD History, Ohio State University, 1992) Professor of History Webb Hall 333 (860) 465-4612 African-American History, Recent United States
M T W Th F
Bradley Davis Assistant Professor   Webb Hall 349 860-465-4611 -East Asia/ Coordinator of Asian Studies
M-3:00-5:00 T- W-12:00-1:00 Th- F-3:00-5:00
David Frye (PhD History, Duke University, 1990) Associate Professor of History Webb Hall 334 (860) 465-4600 My Website
Roman Empire, Medieval
M T1:00-2:00 &    3:15-4:00 W11:30-1:00 Th

1:00-2:00 &


Anna Kirchmann (PhD History, University of Minnesota, 1997) Professor of History Webb Hall 332 (860) 465-4684 My Website
Immigration and Ethnicity, Recent America, East-Central Europe
Anna Kirchmann
M T2:30-4:00 W1:00-3:00 Th2:30-4:00 F
Joan Meznar (PhD History, University of Texas, 1986) Professor of History Eastern Hall 9 (860) 465-4601 Modern Brazil, Latin America
Joan Meznar
Jamel Ostwald (PhD History, Ohio State University, 2002) Associate Professor of History Webb Hall 351 (860) 465-0356 My Website
Early Modern Europe, Military
Jamel Ostwald
M12:30 - 2:30 T W12:30-2:30 Th F12:00-1:00
Barbara Tucker (PhD History, University of California-Davis, 1974) Professor of History
Director of the Center for Connecticut Studies
Library 473 (860) 465-4512
US Colonial, Business, Connecticut
M T8:30-10:30 W9:30-11:30 Th8:30-10:30 F
Ann Cheverie Secretary Webb Hall Room 326 (860) 465-4594
M- T- W- Th- F-
Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan Visiting Faculty Webb Hall Room 348 Spring 2012: M/W 12-1 & 3-4; F 12-1 or by appointment

1:00-2:00 &


T- W10l:00-11:00 & 1:00-2:00 Th- F10:00-11:00 & 1:00-2:00
Catherine Lynch Emeritus Faculty East Asia
M- T- W- Th- F-
Emil Pocock (PhD History and American Studies, Indiana University, 1984) Emeritus Faculty My Website
US Revolution and Early National Period, Frontier, American Studies
M- T- W- Th- F-
Adjunct Faculty

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