The Dreaded Question

The question all graduating college students are forced to answer, again and again: “So what are you going to do now?”

Hopefully you’ve been thinking about this question before your last semester in school, but if you need some additional food for thought, there’s a new article on History degrees and careers in the April 2017 issue of American Historical Association’s Perspectives on History magazine (here). Appropriately enough, it takes a historical approach by looking at what careers past History majors have pursued.

So read the article and do what History trains you to do: identify its conclusion, assess its supporting evidence, analyze its assumptions and inferences, and contextualize the information within its broader geographical and chronological contexts. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be in better shape to figure out how you can combine your interests, content knowledge, and skills to find a job you’ll like doing. And remember, History faculty are here to help.

And what would a blog post be without an eye-catching graphic?

Public History opportunity, ye mateys!

For those interested in public history, you might consider checking out Discovering Amistad (, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing education on its tall ship, the Amistad, and in Connecticut classrooms. The mission of Discovering Amistad is for CT students and adults to learn about the history of the Amistad, and to explore themes that extend its story to the present day, including legal and social justice.

Discovering Amistad is looking for individuals to serve as educators, on board and in the classroom. Educators should have a knowledge of American history and be able to lead discussions of students of all grade levels on contemporary issues concerning race and justice. Some background in education is essential: college graduates, education students and retired teachers are encouraged to apply.

For additional information, as well as application materials, contact Discovering Amistad Education Committee co-chairs Stephen Armstrong or Bob King.

Student graduates in History, heals public


When students ask what they can do with a history major, we often tell them: whatever you want, because history is a wonderful springboard for many different professions. Take for example Christine Geer, who graduated from Eastern with the History/Social Science and Education degree, and decided to pursue graduate school in the public health field. For the last two years she studied at the Boston University, and as she reported before, her background in history made her better prepared to both understand social issues and their historical context, and to research and write papers. She even co-authored a research paper, which is going to be published in a scholarly journal!

Now Christine has a Master’s degree in Public Health and has just accepted a position as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital. She will recruit and enroll participants, and will assist in multiple different clinical studies. And that’s how Christine will combine her passion for history, education, and public health with a professional career.

Christine Geer, History B.A., M.P.H.

Christine Geer, History B.A., M.P.H.

Way to go Christine!

AmeriCorps with Tenacity (Boston)

If you’re not sure what you want to do after you graduate, you might want to consider Tenacity ( Tenacity works with AmeriCorps and is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support under-served Boston students to achieve post-secondary success through literacy, life skills, family engagement, and fitness – past graduates are enjoying their year as Tenacity Fellows. If you’re interested, feel free to contact:

TENACITY 38 Everett Street, Suite 50
Boston MA 02134
(Please use Allston MA in your GPS)
O 617.562.0900 F 617.562.0911

Internship/Career week coming up in April

This April 4-7 is #Eastern2Career Week.
(For those non-traditional students, and faculty, that’s a ‘hashtag’ and not a ‘pound sign’. It’s a Twitter thing.)

The Center for Internships and Career Development has numerous activities planned, all of which are intended to help students find the career(s) of their dreams.


Teachers teaching teachers teaching teachers (unto the third generation)

Dr. Kirchmann has heard from another History alumna! Logan Tonucci graduated in May with a degree in History/Social Science. She also served as the Department of History Student Marshall for the 2015 commencement. Logan writes: “I have some exciting news to share with you. I’ve been working as a 6th grade social studies teacher at a middle school in New London, CT. It has been such a challenge, but even more of a blessing. My students are truly amazing. I am so thankful I chose teaching (Thanks to Doug Craig).”

Mr. Doug Craig graduated from Eastern in 2003 with a History/Social Science degree, went on to get his Master’s in History, and was Logan’s high school history teacher! Now we are counting on Logan to eventually send our way some great students of hers to continue the tradition. Congratulations, Logan!