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The History department will continue to offer a variety of courses on U.S history, the Ancient world (Rome), Latin America (Drugs), Europe (including the “Old Regime Europe” course soon to be renamed “Enlightenment Europe”, as well as The Holocaust), and East Asia (China in Revolution). Seminars include “America and the Sea” and “Science and Technology in Asia.”

We also have brand new courses for those who want to go off the beaten path and explore the lands between East and West:
HIS 366 History of Islam to 1500
In this course, we will trace the development of Islam as a religious, political, and cultural system.  Beginning in the early seventh century, Muhammad’s radically new religious message found converts and political success as the empires of Byzantium and Persia collapsed.  As the new religion spread across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, unique political and artistic movements developed that adapted Islam to local traditions.  At the same time, the universal nature of the religion created a shared cosmopolitan culture from Spain to China.  This class will explore Islam on both a universal and a local level to understand the role that the religion has played in shaping world history.

HIS 367 The Silk Road: Trade and Travel in Asia to 1500
Two thousand years ago, the writer Pliny the Elder complained about how much his fellow Romans loved to buy and wear silk.  This luxury item, he argued, weakened the Roman economy and threatened the morals of its people by making their bodies visible through nearly transparent clothes.  The trade networks that brought silk to Rome also carried Arabian incense, Siberian furs, African ivory, and Indian spices.  They also helped spread religions, languages, music, and cuisine as people from across Asia travelled, traded, and lived alongside one another.  This class will examine the many forms of culture that moved along the Silk Road from antiquity through the Mongol period.

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Registration Approacheth

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The details:
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Advisement Dates

Registration Start Date

Credit Range

Senior October 5 -9 October 12 90 or more credits earned
Junior October 12 – 16 October 19 60 – to under 90 credits earned
Sophomore October 19 – 23 October 26 30 – to under 60 credits earned
Freshman November 2 – 6 November 9 Under 30 credits earned