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Careers with a History Major

College graduates with History degrees have a wide range of career choices in education, government, and business.

History is also perfect preparation for law school and for graduate studies in history, journalism, economics, political science, area studies, geography, and related fields.

History majors learn research and writing skills that are in demand in a variety of different occupations, including positions in private business. Some of those are listed below.

  • EDUCATION: School teacher, university professor, educator, administrator
  • PUBLIC HISTORY: Historical park guide, museum curator, historical society director
  • PUBLISHING AND MEDIA: Journalist, editor, writer, researcher
  • LIBRARIES: School librarian, archivist, reference librarian, university librarian
  • GOVERNMENT: Public policy, military historian, administrator, intelligence agent
  • FOREIGN SERVICE: Career officer, cultural attaché, information officer
  • POLITICS: Elected official, speech writer, lobbyist, town manager
  • LAW AND LAW ENFORCEMENT: Lawyer, paralegal, legal researcher, correctional officer, police
  • BUSINESS: Market and consumer research, manager

Some of these positions require further training, special licenses, or certification.
Graduate Schools in History

For further information, talk with your advisor, a counselor in Eastern’s Career Services Office (Student Services Center), or the chair of the department.
What are ECSU History Graduates Doing Now?

For more info, check out the History department blog, under the Careers category.