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Before registering for courses (including summer and intersession), see your advisor. If you do not have an advisor, see the department chair to get one assigned. You may pick your own adviosr (or change advisors) if you wish; otherwise a History faculty member is assigned in rotation.
There are three possible ways to major in History. See the brief descriptions below, but also check the detailed requirements in the catalog and talk with any History faculty.

If you are not yet a History major, fill out a Change of Major form, available from the History Office, Webb Hall 3rd floor or at the Advisement Center. See the History chair for registration advisement until your regular advisor is appointed.
The standard major makes ideal foundation for a liberal arts education and preparation for a wide variety of career options. 
History and Social Sciences
This major is designed especially for students who are also seeking teaching certification, but you are not required to have this major.
History/American Studies
The interdisciplinary major provides more flexibility than the standard History major and includes course work in English and other areas related to American culture, such as art, political science, and sociology.
Double major
If you have two majors, you should have an advisor from each department. Only one advisor of your choice will be recorded as your official advisor.
A minor is optional and is not required for graduation. Many History majors typically complete minors in Public Policy, English, and related fields and interdisciplinary minors, including  African American/Third World Studies, Canadian Studies,  Latin American Studies, New England Studies, and Women's Studies.
History Minor
You do not need an advisor in the History Department to declare a History minor. You can get informal advice from any History faculty or the chair. 
Other minors
If you are interested in any interdisciplinary minor, see the coordinator or director of the program.
Education Certification
To be certified for social sciences in secondary education, it is not necessary to major in History and Social Sciences. See an advisor in the Education Department for specific requirements. You can choose the History or History/American Studies majors if you wish, so long as you as you fill the education certification course requirements. 
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