Successional Crisis Averted

In Ancient Rome, Emperors were assassinated by their Praetorian Guards. Medieval Byzantines had a tendency to blind their rulers when they were forced from power. French Revolutionaries invented the guillotine just so they could chop off their former leaders’ heads. And we all know that the WW2-era Italians liked to hang theirs upside down from their bootstraps. More than a few wars throughout history have been waged over who would succeed to the throne, and what to do with the losers.

For Eastern’s History department, the transition is not nearly so dramatic – we just switch offices. All to say that we have a new department chair, chosen by popular acclamation. So please give a hearty thanks to our outgoing department chair of the last four years, Dr. Ania Kirchmann, and an equally hearty welcome to our new incoming department chair, Dr. Joan Meznar.

Although there was no coronation ceremony, Dr. Meznar now occupies the official chair office in Webb 331, while Dr. Kirchmann has moved her office to Webb 333. In the shuffle, Dr. Bradley Davis has relocated to Eastern Hall.