Dude, this sounds like a great class

Two, in fact.

The History department is offering two summer courses for 2017, for those of you looking for some extra credits on an interesting topic:

Dr. Carenen is offering HIS 362: Hot Wars in the Cold War, offered from 31 July-18 August on MWF from 9:00-4:15 PM:
After World War II, two great superpowers emerged that would challenge each other for total global domination. Despite a massive arms race and the introduction of nuclear weapons, the United States and the U.S.S.R. never entered into direct armed confrontation. They almost did, though. And they used other nations as proxies in their colossal struggle against each other, particularly in Asia. In the half-century that marked the Cold War, the U.S. and U.S.S.R. engaged in warm and hot wars that affected millions of people around the globe and altered all aspects of life for the citizens of many nations, including their own. This course will briefly examine the origins of the Cold War, the nearly hot interruption of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the hot wars of Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Counts as a History elective or LAC Tier 2 Individuals and Societies.

Dr. Davis is offering HIS 116: Intro to Modern World History, meeting 5-17 June, MTWR from 12:00-3:20 PM:
An intensive version of HIS116, this course introduces students to the major themes and problems of world history since 1500, with an emphasis in interconnection, global exchange, and long term environmental and human change in the non-US Americas, Eurasia, and the African continent. Topics include the world silver trade, European imperialism, Islamic empires, revolutionary socialism, nationalism, and the global history of products such as rubber, coffee, opium during the nineteenth century. We will also consider the changing role of world history for historians. Readings include Roberts Marks’ Origins of the Modern World and multiple primary sources. Students will be evaluated through essays, short quizzes, and class participation. Satisfies a Tier I LAC requirement