Teachers teaching teachers teaching teachers (unto the third generation)

Dr. Kirchmann has heard from another History alumna! Logan Tonucci graduated in May with a degree in History/Social Science. She also served as the Department of History Student Marshall for the 2015 commencement. Logan writes: “I have some exciting news to share with you. I’ve been working as a 6th grade social studies teacher at a middle school in New London, CT. It has been such a challenge, but even more of a blessing. My students are truly amazing. I am so thankful I chose teaching (Thanks to Doug Craig).”

Mr. Doug Craig graduated from Eastern in 2003 with a History/Social Science degree, went on to get his Master’s in History, and was Logan’s high school history teacher! Now we are counting on Logan to eventually send our way some great students of hers to continue the tradition. Congratulations, Logan!