Miles Wilkerson presented his research paper at the Phi Alpha Theta NY Upper Regional Meeting at SUNY College at Oneonta on April 12, 2014. Miles’ paper is entitled “Nunca Olvide: Reframing the History of Cuban Exile Terrorism,” and his faculty mentor is Dr. Joan Meznar. The abstract of the paper reads: “Noting the alarming lack of English-language scholarship on the subject, this paper tackles the difficult issue of CIA-sponsored terrorism against Cuba. It raises the question: how did gusano terrorism affect political discourse and civil rights in Cuba? This article examines the historiography of Cuban-exile terrorism in the Hemisphere between 1959 and 1976, exploring the ways in which the Cuban government responded to this terror and how it affected Cuba’s citizens. It also investigates the evolution of Luis Posada Carriles, the “Bin Laden of Latin America”, and Orlando Bosch, two of the most active terrorists in twentieth century history. The author dissects numerous primary and secondary sources to prove this thesis, including declassified United States government documents, speeches by Fidel Castro, scholarly journal articles, and interviews with the victims of Cuban exile terrorism. In addition, the paper constructs a critical history of Cuban antiterrorism law in the style of Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish. This is done in order to better understand how Cuba’s government reacted to the terror attacks of Bosch, Posada and other CIA-backed terrorists. By analyzing the historical discourse surrounding this controversial topic, the author intends to clarify the power relationships that make up exile terrorism against the island nation of Cuba.”   Congratulations, Miles!